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The research reports of Olga Cerna and Drs. Robert Dulfer (now working as Czech Ancestry) are the most professional and easy to understand that I have seen.  The skills they have acquired for extracting records from the archives and pulling families together are a great benefit to those of us who have and will hire them. My 2005 trip to the Trebon area was made richer by their help as guides and translators. I also like the fact that Olga and Robert, as Rozmberk Society co-founders, have "given back" to the genealogical & historical community both in South Bohemia and the U.S. with the Peasant Museum and their other projects.
Judy Nelson, Largo FL, USA.
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Since the 1980s I have had various  researchers in Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic, search records of my ancestry and report their findings to me. Never have I seen better, more thorough and careful genealogical research  reported in clearer, more accurate English than that of Olga Cerna.

Based on her work and reports, I consider her top-notch in genealogical research in the Czech Republic and I have no hesitation in endorsing and recommending her work.
 Joe T. Vosoba

“I recently had the occasion to request research from Olga Cerna and Robert Dulfer at CzechAncestry and was greatly impressed with their knowledge of the area.  The reports I received were clearly written and fully documented.  They are very thorough researchers and provided explanatory and supplementary notes of the ancestry and villages being searched.  I highly recommend their services to anyone with roots in the Trebon area."
Diane K. McClure
St. Petersburg, Florida

I have to say that I'm just blown away by what you have sent me. The report of the transcribed records
was very easy to follow and understand. Thank you!

Finding the birth record for Tomás Lapice and confirmation that he is the son of Jan and Magdalena Lapice, has allowed me to continue on with my research in confidence. I have been able to enter all the information that was furnished to me by the another researcher, whether right or wrong, and I was able to review and now understand much of what was originally sent to me by him. I am also very
excited about your solving the mystery of Magdalena Sindler's birth. You have been very thorough and concise in your research and I really appreciate the quality of your presentation.

Thank you,
Michael Lundholm
Nashville, TN





The genealogical research is done by Olga Cerna, Robert Dulfer, and their associates. Although we work for and are closely linked to both the Friends of the Rozmberk Society Inc, USA, and the Rozmberk Society, Czech Republic, the genealogical research is done strictly on a private title and the companies are not responsible for the research.


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