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Czech Ancestry: Olga Cerna, Robert Dulfer and associates.

Olga Cerna was born in 1959 as Olga Vochozka in Kojakovice, South Bohemia. She has lived in Kojakovice and later in nearby Trebon all her live. Her family has lived in the Kojakovice region for many generations. Olga started her professional career in 1978 at the Trebon State Archive, where she worked for five years. Since 1998, she has been working as co-founder and vice-director for the Rozmberk Society.  

Robert Dulfer (*1955) is a Dutch biologist who came to the Czech Republic in 1992.  He has been living as permanent resident in Trebon since 1994. His family is no stranger to moving and working around the world. His maternal grandparents used to work in the former Dutch Indies, where his mother and her siblings were born and his father also worked. His parents married in Singapore. In the Czech Republic, Robert first was working as project manager on a joined Czech-Dutch river otter project. Since 1998, he is working full-time as co-founder and director of the Rozmberk Society.  

Olga and Robert work as a team on professional genealogical research and emigration history since 1998.  Olga does most of the research and has the local historic knowledge of the region. Robert helps sorting the data and makes it into an easy-readable story. The research is part of their work for both charities to help preserve the Czech emigration and settler’s heritage. In addition, under the name Czech Ancestry they also provide professional genealogical services for clients looking for their roots in South Bohemia.

The Rozmberk Society and Friends of the Rozmberk Society.
The Rozmberk Society is a Czech tax-exempt charity for regional development and heritage preservation. The Society also operates the Kojakovice Peasant and Emigration Museum and the historic blacksmith workshop in Nove Hrady.

The Friends of the Rozmberk Society is an Iowa-based tax-exempt charity. Its mission is to help provide financial support for the Rozmberk Society, to help preserve the Czech settlers’ heritage, and to facilitate exchanges and joined US-Czech projects.



The genealogical research is done by Olga Cerna, Robert Dulfer, and their associates. Although we work for and are closely linked to both the Friends of the Rozmberk Society Inc, USA, and the Rozmberk Society, Czech Republic, the genealogical research is done strictly on a private title and the companies are not responsible for the research.


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