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If you come to the Czech Republic,
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Czech Emigration Museum
The Kojakovice Peasant and Emigration Museum
Kojakovice, South Bohemia, Czech Republic

"Some of the stories we tell you should sound familiar;
it could have easily concerned your ancestors".

The Kojakovice Peasant and Emigration Museum tells about how people lived and worked in the rural South Bohemia of a century and more ago. It also explains reasons for emigration to the USA and Canada, and the fate of the Czech emigrants on the great plains of the Midwest. All the displays are based upon the history and stories of persons from Kojakovice and its surroundings. The stories of the settlers were mostly told through letters of the settlers themselves and stories of their descendants.

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The Kojakovice Museum is one of the heritage preservation activities of the Czech Rozmberk Society with help of the American Friends of the Rozmberk Society Inc and other partners.


The genealogical research is done by Olga Cerna, Robert Dulfer, and our associates. Although we work for and are closely linked to the non-profits Friends of the Rozmberk Society Inc, USA, and the Czech Rozmberk Society, the genealogical research is done as a professional commercial activity separate from our non-profit activities.

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