Visiting the Old Country

Let us organize your Czech Ancestry Tour

The peak of any research on finding your ancestral roots should be a visit to the Old Country, looking up the ancestral village and houses. If possible, the ultimate would be to meet with new relatives in the form of the descendants of those who stayed behind.

If you plan to come to the Czech Republic, we can help you find and arrange visiting the ancestral village and look for any living relatives.

Some people come to the Czech Republic or Europe for a longer holiday and want to spend only a few days on their genealogy. Others come with special heritage tours or organize their own genealogy tour.

If you want, we can help you with any or all aspects of your holiday including travel to and inside Czech Republic, accommodation, guided tour, etc. If you come as part of a group, for example through a Czech Genealogy Tour, we can arrange a separate day trip or set up meetings for you as we did for numerous others before you.

Please let us know your wishes and ideas, and we can work out something satisfactory. You can contact us directly by email or through our research form on the order page



The genealogical research is done by Olga Cerna, Robert Dulfer, and our associates. Although we work for and are closely linked to the non-profits Friends of the Rozmberk Society Inc, USA, and the Czech Rozmberk Society, the genealogical research is done as a professional commercial activity separate from our non-profit activities.

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