Rates for Genealogical Research

Of all your online payments,
3% is donated to Czech Friends / Friends of the Rozmberk Society Inc

Over the last few years, the US Dollar has fallen strongly in value against the Czech Crown; in 2000 the highest course was 42 Cesky Korunas for one dollar, today, the rate is about 16 Kc/$, a fall of 60%. For that reason, we had to raise our fees to compensate for the low exchange rate.

Research: $20/hour
As of April 2008, we work in bouts of 10 hours charging $20 per hour. This includes research of the different resource sources in the archives, translating and preparing the report, and time spent on translating special documents (upon request only).

Travel: $0.17 per km and $15 per traveling hour
For travel to and from archives outside Trebon, visiting local Record Offices in the region, or searching for houses and living relatives we charge $15 per traveling hour and $0.17 per km (0.6 mile). When overnight stay is needed, accommodation costs will be included, in general around $60-$80/night.

Guiding: $20 per hour and $0.17 per km
Guiding fees include travel, visiting living relatives, translating, etc, at $20 per hour and $0.17 per km.

Other costs
Other costs like photo- or digital copies of documents and registers (when allowed), are difficult to state up front but in general do not amount to more than a few dollars. The actual amount will be included in the final invoice.

When to pay
All fees have to be paid in advance, after it is agreed what we will do, but before we start any work. After 10 hours, we report on our findings and recommend if and how to proceed. If you are satisfied and want to continue, we agree on the next bout. This way, the risks on both sides are minimized.

If agreed upon beforehand, payment for guiding can be paid upon arrival in cash.

When to expect results
The Trebon Archive now restricts access to the common study room, and reserved places can be booked only twice per year. We can only book a limited number of places in advance this way. The extra places we need we have to ask and hope if a place is available that day or week.

We will try to complete your request as quick as possible, but due to the restrictions and the time of year it can take up up to 3 months. Because of this it is also better that you pay for your research as soon as possible after ordering it; we cannot plan archive work before we have received the payment.


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The genealogical research is done by Olga Cerna, Robert Dulfer, and our associates. Although we work for and are closely linked to the non-profits Friends of the Rozmberk Society Inc, USA, and the Czech Rozmberk Society, the genealogical research is done as a professional commercial activity separate from our non-profit activities.

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